If you are planning an event, you can create a perfect, bespoke venue with a marquee in pretty much any open space.  Whether you are hiring a marquee for the first time or hiring again, it can be daunting.  Therefore, we have prepared the following answers to our frequently asked questions.


Why choose Mannys Marquees Ltd? 


Mannys Marquees was established in 2008.  Our objective was to provide a service second to none whereby nothing would be too much trouble.  We are pleased to say we have continued this philosophy today and will endeavour to do so.  We have made a conscious decision not to diversify into related services, thus enabling us to focus on achieving and maintaining a certain standard, from initial contact, to erecting, right through to dismantling the marquee.


Why do I need a marquee?


The first thing to consider is, what will the marquee be used for?  It can be used as an extension to your home, venue or as an independent structure.  It will provide you with cover in case of rain or shade in case of heat.  Marquees can also be used for temporary storage solutions.


Where can I install a marquee and what do I need to consider?


A marquee can be installed on pretty much any open space.  Ideally, the location should be near and electricity and water sources as well as toilets.  If these are not near the marquee, it may mean hiring generators and portable toilets.


What size marquee do I need?


The size of the marquee will be determined by:

  • The location
  • Nature of the event and what you wish to use the marquee for
  • Number of guests and whether it is a standing, seated or combination
  • Budget

How long can I have the marquee for?


 Ultimately this is determined by you and your requirements.  The standard hire period is 4 to 5 days, although there may be some flexibility on this dependent or our availability and time of year.  When planning your event, try not to go over 2 weekends as this will incur a surcharge of 50% for any additional weekends.


When do you assemble and dismantle the marquee?


We recommend having had the marquee set up (at the latest) one day before your event and taken down one or 2 days after your event.  This allows for any last-minute changes and gives you time to prepare and clear out the marquee accordingly.


What comes with the marquee?

The marquee itself is made of aluminium framework and pvc panels.



  • The standard PVC roofs are a solid white.
  • Transparent roofs.  Please note these look great but can be a hindrance in summer months as the clear roofs can create a greenhouse effect making it unbearable. Depending on the intensity of the heat, it can cause issues such as buckling the floor.
  • Combination of solid and transparent roofs.  Depending on the number of sections you have, you can choose to combine the 2 so you are creating an open air feel as well as shaded environment.

PVC Walls


The marquee comes with an option of Georgian window or solid white walls.  These have a lace in the middle that allows for access and ventilation.

We also have available fully panoramic walls with a zip on either side.  These can be rolled up fully, again for access and ventilation.

Alternatively, in the summer months, you may decide to leave the walls out altogether (weather dependent).




Other than the marquee, the most important consideration would be the flooring.  The floor gives you a dry and stable surface to walk and dance on and to minimise your furniture from wobbling.  As the floor is raised, this enables your lawn to breathe, minimising any long-term damage. It also enables us to secure the carpets and prevent any movement.


If I have a concrete or paved ground, do I still need a wooden floor?


In the event of rain, water can seep into the marquee along the floor.  A raised floor will enable the rain to run underneath, keeping your feet and carpets dry.


Do I need carpets and a wooden floor?


The wooden floor is effectively a base, it is the carpets that add the finishing touch.  We also supply and install a new carpet in a colour of your choice.


Do I have to have a floor?


This is very much dependent on your theme for example, you may want a rustic or garden party feel and decide not to have a floor at all.


How do you dress the marquee?




Internal linings are pleated and mid ivory in colour.  They are finished with a swag (in a colour of your choice).

These can be finished with overlays, again in your choice of colours.

We also have an option of a black starlight cloth.



  • We have matching pleated, ivory wall linings.
  • Black out walls
  • If you have windows, we can dress the legs with our window drapes.

What lighting options are available?

  • Chandeliers, the number of which will be appropriate to the size of the marquee
  • Festoon, creating a more rustic or festival theme
  • Fairy lights
  • Uplighters
  • Mirror ball

How do you heat the marquee?


This is by far the safest and most efficient way to heat your marquee.  The heater itself, is positioned outside the marquee which means you are not losing any space or burning fumes inside the marquee.

The heaters are fuelled by diesel or kerosene.  It is the client’s responsibility to supply the fuel.  However, we do offer a service where we can supply you with fuel and charge you accordingly.  Most of our clients prefer this as it saves them the trouble of running around collecting fuel.  We will discuss with you how many hours (approx.) you will need to run the heater and recommend/supply the appropriate amount of fuel.  In the event you run out of fuel we can supply you with spare or empty fuel cans so the heaters can be refilled.


My garden is an unusual shape or is on a split level.  Can I still have a marquee?


As marquees are temporary structures, in most cases the answer is yes.  Marquees run in parallel lines and have right angles.  Unfortunately, not all gardens are, or there may be obstacles in the way such as outbuildings or trees.  The solution is normally connecting more than one marquee together and installing a gutter to avoid leakage. 


With regards to height differences, we have different length of legs and pvc to cope with this.


How do you secure the marquee?


On grass we stake it down (ensuring there are no underground pipes or cables).  On a solid surface we secure the marquee using weights and straps.


Can I cook inside the marquee?


Unfortunately, you cannot cook inside the main marquees for health and safety reasons.  If you do require a cooking space, we can supply you with a catering tent to meet your needs.


What furniture or props do you offer?


We have a range of tables, chairs and props available to match your requirements and theme (please refer to our brochure).


We also work with a number of suppliers we work with that we can recommend.


What's the next step?


You will want to know of any potential costs. We can supply you with a rough estimate if you have the dimensions of the space you wish to cover and other requirements.  However, we always recommend a site visit.  During this site visit we can discuss your requirements in greater detail and assess the location including access points and ground etc.


How can I contact you?


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